The first Texaco products were sold in the UK in the early 1900s, and the company has since steadily expanded and developed its brand. In 1964, following the start of North Sea oil drilling, their Pembroke refinery was inaugurated. In 2001, Texaco and Chevron Corporation merged, making Texaco the fifth-largest US-based energy company in the world. Texaco still operates a refinery in Pembroke and approximately 1200 gas stations in the UK today.

Texaco sells both regular and premium fuels. With an additional detergent that helps clean the engine and improves driveability, standard gasoline goes above and beyond EU and UK regulations. To facilitate filling, the premium diesel has an anti-foaming device. According to the season, both premium fuels are seasonally blended to offer the best performance. Texaco's Supreme unleaded has a 97 RON, which is two more than their regular fuel.

Texaco Fuel Market Share


Total Texaco Forecourts UK (2016)


Market Share of Fuel Sold by Texaco Fuel Stations (2016)


Average Volume of Fuel Sold Per Texaco Fuel Station (kiloliters per year - 2016)