Since the early 19th century, Shell has been selling various fuels, and today it holds 13.4% of the UK forecourt market. Shell is able to maintain high-quality fuels and guarantee that the same quality is maintained throughout because they have complete control over their supply chain. Shell is the largest company on the FTSE 100 and produces about 3.4 million barrels equivalent per day. It also owns 44,000 forecourts worldwide.

Since Shell conducts extensive research into the fuel industry, their fuels frequently feature the most cutting-edge technology. Shell fuels are frequently regarded as being of higher quality than those of other brands. They offer Shell V-Power DYNAFLEX for both Unleaded and Diesel, as well as Diesel and Unleaded. They are known for their high-end fuels' ability to clean the engine and improve performance over the long term. The Research Octane Number (RON) for Shell regular unleaded is 95, while the RON for V-Power unleaded is 99. Only unleaded fuels are given octane numbers, and the higher the number, the better.

Shell Fuel Market Share


Total Shell Forecourts UK (2016)


Market Share of Fuel Sold by Shell Fuel Stations (2016)


Average Volume of Fuel Sold Per Shell Fuel Station (kiloliters per year - 2016)