Prior to switching to Shell, Morrisons sold fuel from Texaco. However, like the majority of other supermarkets, they soon began selling their own fuel blend. Their fuels are frequently a local blend from nearby suppliers, in keeping with the rest of their "Market Street" philosophy. With 45 locations, Morrisons is a market leader in selling LPG Autogas, a more economical and environmentally friendly fuel.

The first bioethanol pump in the UK, delivering 85% bioethanol and 15% gasoline, was installed at Morrisons. In March 2006, this pump became operational in Norwich's Albion Way forecourt.

Morrisons Fuel Market Share


Total Morrisons Forecourts UK (2016)


Market Share of Fuel Sold by Morrisons Fuel Stations (2016)


Average Volume of Fuel Sold Per Morrisons Fuel Station (kiloliters per year - 2016)