When Jet Petroleum was founded in 1954, the cost of gasoline was the equivalent of 4.9ppl. Jet has been selling fuel for 60 years, during which time the sector has undergone a significant transformation. Initially founded in Yorkshire, Jet quickly gained nationwide traction before being acquired by Continental Oil, an American fuel retailer that is now known as Phillips 66, in 1961. Jet was briefly marketed as Continental Oil, but because of the poor brand recognition, they quickly changed back to Jet.

Jet sells both regular fuel and a variety of premium fuels, including Super Unleaded, which has a 97 RON, and Sentinel, a premium diesel that the company says cleans and manages corrosion in engines.

Jet Fuel Market Share


Total Jet Forecourts UK (2016)


Market Share of Fuel Sold by Jet Fuel Stations (2016)


Average Volume of Fuel Sold Per Jet Fuel Station (kiloliters per year - 2016)