Although they formerly went by the name Futura Petroleum, Harvest Energy has been supplying fuel in the UK since 1995. With an annual capacity of over three and a half billion liters, they are a more recognizable force in the UK gasoline market. Despite being a smaller brand than some others, with only 79 stations nationwide, they have a number of significant blue-chip clients on their books. They provide fuel to Morrisons and Asda stations collectively providing more than 10% of the UK's motor fuel.

The Prax group, which has its headquarters in London, runs Harvest Energy and provides fuel for both commercial and public transportation as well as retail use. Although Harvest claims to have over 100 branded sites, they also fuel over 100 unbranded sites and have an agreement with Total for engine lubricants.

Harvest Fuel Market Share


Total Harvest Forecourts UK (2016)


Market Share of Fuel Sold by Harvest Fuel Stations (2016)


Average Volume of Fuel Sold Per Harvest Fuel Station (kiloliters per year - 2016)