Following the discovery of an oil well in the Persian Sands by George Reynolds in 1908, British Petroleum, also known as BP, was founded. Since the company's founding, BP has risen to the top of the oil market, and today it is a global business with operations in more than 70 nations. 3.6 million barrels of oil equivalent are produced by BP each day. Because it is active across the entire gas and oil sector, it, like Shell, has complete control over its supply chain. BP has been providing gasoline to the UK for more than 100 years and annually adds £8.76 billion to the country's GDP. They run numerous rigs in the North Sea, mine the UK's oil fields, and invest enormous sums of money in the region's future.

The research octane level (RON) of BP Ultimate Unleaded is 97, compared to the RON of 95 for its regular unleaded gasoline. Additionally, they offer BP Ultimate Active premium diesel and BP Ultimate Active super unleaded. By cleaning the engine, which improves overall performance, this Active additive is intended to improve the performance of the vehicle.

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