Just two years after Asda's founding, in 1967, the company began selling fuel. The words Peter Asquith and Associated Dairies are combined to form the name Asda. On May 3, 1965, the two businesses came together to form one. The Asda gas station in Halifax was the first ever discount gas station, and because no major fuel retailer would offer cheap fuel, NAFTA, a little-known Russian oil company, had to supply it. The concept of discounted fuel endures even though the original station burned down in 1982.

In the future, Asda received fuel from suppliers like Mobil, Shell, and Texaco, but since the early 1990s, Asda and many other supermarket fuel retailers have provided their own fuel, delivered by their own tankers. Asda initially had forecourts inside of its parking lots, but in 2012 they took a risk and tried out a standalone station in Sale, Greater Manchester, and another close to their headquarters in Leeds Bridge.

Asda Price Promise

The Asda price promise ties in with their slogan “Save Money. Live Better.” They promise that they will always be the cheapest place to fill up within a three mile radius of an Asda petrol station. As a part of this they also are often the first to start a supermarket price war and lower their petrol prices.

Asda is well known for having some of the lowest fuel prices and frequently makes headlines for having started the price war between supermarket fuel suppliers by being the first to lower their prices.

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